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The Franklin County Coroner's office encourages educational exploration in the forensic field. We offer internships for college students when pre-arranged through their schools. Students are required to be 18 years old. An internship at the Franklin County Coroner's Office means the student intern would report to the FCCO on a regular basis for a set period of time.

Interns must secure a favorable background investigation from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification and the Franklin County Sheriff's Office prior to beginning the internship. This can be obtained at the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, Concealed Carry Office, 410 S. High St. Columbus Ohio, 43215.

Those interested in careers in forensics may be interested in checking out The National Association of Medical Examiners Website and read their document "So You Want to be a Medical Detective?".

Those interested in applying for an internship may send a cover letter explaining your areas of interest and career aspirations, as well as a curriculum vitae including relevant course work and experience to Charity Detty Once documents are received they will be forwarded on to the appropriate department for review and selected candidates will be contacted.

Please be sure to include which department you are interested in interning with: Front Office, Toxicology, Investigations, or Morgue.

Appropriate Areas of Study for Applicants by Department:

  • Front Office -- administrative professional course work
  • Toxicology -- chemistry, lab experience
  • Investigations -- forensic science, law enforcement course work
  • Morgue -- anatomy, physiology

If you are a group interested in learning more about the coroner's office, investigations and autopsies, we offer a one hour educational activity which includes a presentation and tour of the facilities. This is only available for ages 18 and over. We are only able to accomodate groups with less than 10 students and have limited time slots available. Please email Charity Detty, with information on the group and contact information.