Staff Directory

Front Office Staff
Name Position
Anahi M. Ortiz, M.D. Coroner
Matthew Caudill Director of Operations
Andrea Jarvis-Galvin Case Secretary Unit Supervisor
VACANT Case Secretary
Ashley Emmert Case Secretary
Cheyenne Alexander Case Secretary
Tia Moretti Public Information Officer
Beverly Harper Chief Fiscal Officer
Charlie Vallance Human Resource Associate
Carnell Roberson Assistant to the Coroner/Receptionist
Name Position
VACANT Forensic Pathologist
John Daniels, M.D. Forensic Pathologist
Kenneth Gerston, M.D. Chief Deputy Coroner
Donald V. Pojman, M.D. Forensic Pathologist
Emily Hansen, M.D. Forensic Pathologist
Name Position
Dan Baker Chief Toxicologist
Rebecca DeRienz Assistant Chief Toxicologist
Nancy Kelly Lab Manager
Rachel Barnett Toxicologist
Jennifer Hogue Toxicologist
Amber Mullins Assistant Toxicologist
Morgue Department and Investigation
Name Position
Amanda Alvarez Chief of Investigations and Morgue Operations
Mark Hansbrough Deputy Chief of Investigations
Brandon Perry Deputy Chief of Morgue Operations
Renata Penafiel Forensic Technician
Kelly Sandberg Forensic Technician
Elizabeth Weber Forensic Technician
Alisha M. Kazlausky Forensic Technician
Nicholas Sudimack Forensic Technician
Jaclyn N. Peters Forensic Technician
Charity Detty Forensic Technician
Kate Yoder Forensic Technician
Greg Kessler Morgue Technician
Jim Stanforth Morgue Technician
Melinda Coffman Morgue Technician
Sara Welsh Morgue Technician