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The Morgue Department is responsible for the processing, storage and release of decedents brought to the Franklin County Coroner's Office. This includes the collection of personal effects and the processing of physical and medical evidence. Once the necessary services are complete, decedents are maintained in a refrigerated vault awaiting the staff of the mortuaries.

The Morgue Department is under the supervision of the Morgue Department Supervisor and is staffed with Morgue Department Technicians and Forensic Technicians. Under the supervision of the morgue department supervisor, the Morgue Department and Forensic Technicians transfer valuables and histology specimens as needed, prepare and participate in autopsies, and prepare reports. These staff members interact with families, funeral home staffing, and law enforcement personnel on a daily basis.

To reach the supervisor of the Morgue Department, please call our office at (614) 525-5290.

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