About Us

The Franklin County Coroner's Office serves a community of nearly 1.3 million people, including the city of Columbus. There are approximately 11,000 deaths a year. The Coroner's Office investigates all deaths by violence, criminal means, suicide, or any unattended death whatever the cause. The Coroner's Office provides identification, performs autopsies or medical examinations, and carries out any other requirements in regard to deaths which fall in the categories mentioned above.
Appropriate inquires to the Coroner's Office include:

  • How to obtain a Coroner's report, autopsy report, and toxicology report;
  • Cause of death as determined either by autopsy or medical examination;
  • Where and how to obtain personal effects taken by the Coroner at the time of death;
  • What unidentified remains the Coroner's Office may be holding;
  • Violent death statistics